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Legend of Zelda x Pokemon!!

Link is a new trainer who hopes to defeat the Champion Ganondorf. With the help of his childhood friend Zelda at his side, will he be victorious…??

I’ve been working on these pieces slowly on and off for so many weeks now while experimenting with new painting processes, so I’m happy to see them completed after all this time! I streamed the process on all of these so I hope some of you were able to catch some of it. I learned a lot through finishing these so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has left such enthusiastic comments! <3

By popular request — prints available here!

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So Thor 2 was a bit much for me…

But goddamn im stoked for the marvel cinematic universe.

Avengers gave us Thanos, which is great cause he is the ultimate “big bad” and that was neat.

Thor 2, while being boring and confusing as fuck was worth it for me though with that ONE fucking tag scene because it just set up Thanos even more with THE GODDAMN “COLLECTOR” and the six Soul gems for the Infinity Gauntlet.

SO WHEN WE FINALLY GET THANOS (which will be a ways away because, again, “big bad”) WE WILL GET THE INFINITY GAUNTLET SAGA!

Sorry DC Universe. You may have Batman, but he will never compare to the glory that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Watching Thor 2 for the first time and ket me just tell you, I hate Darcy. She makes these Thor films difficult to watch…